Marketing Tips from Marketing Experts

Promotion is one hell of a game out there. With this much sound, be sure to know everything you are doing, for you along with your businesses sake (or customer).

Many factors contribute to your successful rebrand — sound research, creativity that is stellar, a strategic launch plan and much more. But here’s one critical factor that’s often overlooked: the relationship between the CMO as well as the branding business. A beneficial relationship can make sure that a brand succeeds. An undesirable relationship can doom it to failure. Here are three important items to think about. Continue reading →

Home Heating Woes

Here is an interesting local story in the news from Joe Steele. He has been fighting a losing battle against the rising cost to heat his house in Powassan.

Steele, 85, has tried his best to conserve energy by wearing jumpers on a daily basis and keeping the thermostat down in some specific rooms. Continue reading →

New Year, New Memories: Renovate The Best Room In The House

Your kitchen is the place where all the best things in your life happen. From cooking up your great-grandmother’s favourite lasagna recipe for your own children to talking your little one through a particularly tough day on the playground, your life’s most memorable moments happen in the heart of the kitchen. Show it the love that it shows you all year long by giving your favourite space a new look for the New Year. Continue reading →